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Most of the world’s complex problems will be solved better if we improve our understanding of collective intelligence.  So, collaborate with others to create a wiser world by creating a better understanding of collective intelligence (CI).

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"@aeonmag:Fixed constitution ow.ly/IbrLf" R many prposals 4 a 2nd costitutional convetion en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Co…

MT2 "@aeonmag:fixed constitution sacred? ow.ly/IbrLf" Limits inlusion of ideas fr all quarters,base of collectively wise decision

MT2 "@aeonmag:Rigid constution "ow.ly/IbrLf" Article V makes itself virtually unammendable.Retards adaptation to new realities

MT1 "@aeonmag: Fixed constitution wrong 4 modern democracy. ow.ly/IbrLf" Vs many principles of collective learning & wisdom

People or parchment? On American exceptionalism and the cult of the U.S. Constitution: ow.ly/IbrLf pic.twitter.com/lQJf6v1qKF Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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A fixed constitution has no place in a modern democracy. Why is America’s still seen as sacred? ow.ly/IbrLf Retweeted by Jock McClellan

When it comes to providing pre-school for 3-to-5-year-olds America's at the back of the class econ.st/1BwVRpn pic.twitter.com/MewmJoKvrA Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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The 'Rule by the Schooled' may reduce the cognitive diversity needed for collective intelligence in leading groups. economist.com/news/leaders/2…

Higher education is ever more costly in America but offers ever greater returns econ.st/1CbZIuP pic.twitter.com/B4LbxkXGC0 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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America’s elite: An hereditary meritocracy econ.st/1Ext19l via @TheEconomist Marriages,nature,nurtre,$, Perpetuating a testocracy.

Complex Networks: An Algorithmic Perspective (by Kayhan Erciyes) amazon.com/Complex-Networ… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Cultural diffusion was the main driving mechanism of the neolithic transition in southern Africa. #archaeology dx.plos.org/10.1371/journa… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Pardee Center Faculty Fellow @mhzaman authored the article "Directed evolution of reason" in the Express Tribune bit.ly/1tFPHOc Retweeted by Jock McClellan

What is the BU Pardee School? What do we do? Why? How? Our goals? Our hopes? Here's a short video that tells all: youtube.com/watch?v=S-a6p1… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Yesterday, I introduced a resolution with @SenFeinstein supporting our continued nuclear negotiations with #Iran pic.twitter.com/QAM555IyGS Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Transforming Thoughts into Action: Putting C-IQ to Work! lnkd.in/btVz_9a Retweeted by Jock McClellan

#AppreciativeInquiry brings every #positive #story in the #ecosystem into the room to engage in collaborative #design around what's possible Retweeted by Jock McClellan

My latest: In the recovery so far, - Top 1% incomes grew from $871k to $968k - Bottom 99% fell from $44k to $43.9k nytimes.com/2015/01/28/ups… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Menendez, Kirk introduce new Iran sanctions bill thehill.com/policy/defense… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Can Schools Cultivate a Student's Ability to Think Differently? @LubaSays ow.ly/I3FYW #edchat #bigideas pic.twitter.com/Df9dZArDhf Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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When will Benjamin Netanyahu finally go too far? bit.ly/1zcxvnf pic.twitter.com/lfuloTmj9f Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Planning to submit to Collective-Intelligence 2015 and can't find a template? look for it in CI 2014. collective.mech.northwestern.edu Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Jonathan Wolff on 5 books of political philosophy:Hobbs, Marx, Rawls, Nozick, Cohen fivebooks.com/interviews/jon…

Watch Monty Python’s Best Philosophy Sketches goo.gl/yhgq1 pic.twitter.com/uBZOuO8BEW Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Video: Need a socio socio-technical epistemology drawing on disciplines beyond philosophy,2 guide&judge knowlege work summer14.isc.uqam.ca/page/renseigne…

MT "@brainpicker:Mozart raised w ambitious dad,surround of music and reward buff.ly/1zs3iAD pic.twitter.com/h2taHkRNM2" Genius is social

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'Biologically speaking, our brains were designed for within-group cooperation and between-group competition' #moraltribes Retweeted by Jock McClellan

"@SlaughterAM: Must read. "Why is terror Islamist?" wapo.st/1yLzmxg h/t @j_a_tucker" Becuase of humiliating dominance by Christn west

Nor’easters May Become More Intense with Climate Change scientificamerican.com/article/nor-ea… +1 degreeF -》4% more H2O in air.Larger temp gradient.

Researcher explores how the universe creates reason, morality m.phys.org/news/2015-01-e… Speculates: w sociality-reason-culture,exo-life moral

Manifest complexity: A foundational ethic for astrobiology? sciencedirect.com/science/articl… Claims cosmos evolves in complexity -》social moralites

Two weeks after Zuckerberg said "je suis Charlie," Facebook begins censoring images of prophet Muhammad wapo.st/1z6KyU2 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Emotional Intelligence needed for EU Democracy ceip.org/1DaYOfe via @Carnegie_Europe Need connect people and EU gov more closely

OnPoint radio interviews Wooley, Malone, Schectman on Building A Smarter Team wbur.fm/1thu8IN Includes resource links

Even sole-genius Mozart sometimes collaborated, as with librettist Da Ponte 4 great operas amazon.com/The-Mozart-Da-… history.com/this-day-in-hi…

Attend webinar on EveryDay Democracy’s process of dialog to change 2 address probs &create community, 2/12, 2-4 PM attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/53623…

Ideas that ->holistic education:Cosmic oneness;quantum entanglement;ecology;globalism; feminism;new pedagogies educationrevolution.org/blog/philosoph…

Illich’s aims:free forming of individuals;free association of people;direct relation 2 world ;achieve potentialities academia.edu/1512666/Descho…

#AntMan's got nothin' on @ant_explorer. On the show this week Brian Fisher convinces us that ants are sorta amazing. bit.ly/1CL3DLG Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Podcast on ants.How many “words” they use;using 2 ID parts of forests are most important to protect soundcloud.com/inquiringminds…

Sunstein books.Wiser:Getting Beyond Groupthink to Make Groups Smarter,&Valuing Life:Humanizing the Regulatory State harvard.com/event/cass_sun…

Philosophy of Education International Conference 2015 includes critiques of limited view of learning indiaeducationdiary.in/Shownews.asp?n…

Extreme La Nina events in the Pacific will double w global warming, fr 1/23 years to 1/13 m.bbc.com/news/science-e…

Girls > boys in educational achievement in 70 percent of countries regardless of equality sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/…

Substantial evidence:In the long run,ethical companies outperform less scrupulous peers ethicalsystems.org/content/ethics…

Reading: "Mind, Society and Behavior" and Ethical Systems Design ethicalsystems.org/content/mind-s… by @ethicalsystems

How to stop bribery: sow distrust by offering a bounty for whoever reports it first: ethicalsystems.org/content/disrup… by @ethicalsystems Retweeted by Jock McClellan

DARPA developing code for drone wolf pack teams of six or more: The U.S. military’s investments in unmanned ai... bit.ly/18l6KB1 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Fox:Oxymoronic Collective Wisdom fxn.ws/1wxKPL8 via @foxbusiness Totally misses the point of the studies #collectiveintelligence

Data clearly show that a handgun is more likely to kill you (by suicide or misuse) than save you (by self-defense). slate.com/articles/healt… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

All the Senators Who Do and Don't Believe in Human-Caused Climate Change | WIRED wired.com/2015/01/senato… Reasons vs? Oil$?Bible?InfoSources?

Local people preserve the environment better than governments ow.ly/zPZUb pic.twitter.com/mocZ1IYKdr Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Computational Aspects of Ancient Social Heterarchies: papiro.unizar.es/ojs/index.php/… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

a New Understanding of Self-Organization in Prehispanic communities in Colombia papiro.unizar.es/ojs/index.php/… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cf… as suggestive for next phase of human social structures for collective wisdom? Neces&suffic conditions for emergence?

Chiefdoms emerged only when needed requirements met. Rare. Explains very long period 4 homo sapiens wo chiefdoms. papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cf…

Formal mathematical theory of politogenesis,origin of social complexity c 10k yrs ago. papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cf…

A Formal Theory of Politogenesis: Towards an Agent Simulation of Social Complexity Origins Claudio Cioffi-Revilla papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cf… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Join @NaomiAKlein & @mayboeve Jan 28 to discuss the role of divestment in changing everything bit.ly/1H1IKSQ pic.twitter.com/fdOq83Mn6K Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It. Peter F. Drucker Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Twitter Co-Founder Ev Williams: Following The News Is 'Psychologically Harmful' For You bit.ly/1JaZrKg #technews Retweeted by Jock McClellan

0,004% d'ultra-riches détiennent 13% de la richesse mondiale. Qui doute encore de Piketty? ln.is/www.liberation… via @libe Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Interactive infographic: "Top 20 R&D Spenders 2005-2014” @stratandbiz goo.gl/PxS65l pic.twitter.com/0O96GiaWXu Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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"Good wo God" news: harvardhumanist.org/good-without-g… Community at the heart of humanism. How 2 best promote compassion.Can be good w or wo God

Just finished reading "Good Without God," @gregmepstein - honored to have you as a follower Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Why do I feel like I'm watching a stewardess telling me how to buckle my seatbelt? #SOTU rebuttal Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Broader Perspective: Dynamic Group Cognitive Coordination through Wearable Tech: A surprising ‘new functionali... bit.ly/1w9lAV7 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Humans can't think straight about nukes fw.to/OxpASdB Biol evolution too slow to adapt to new weapons; only cultural evol can

The Millennium Project's Jerome Glenn discusses the coming "Age of Conscious-Technology" World Economic Forum... fb.me/3sPCOkcv4 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Why and How to Create a Planetary Nervous System for Everyone as a Participatory Citizen Web ift.tt/15oo8Tj #globalbrain Retweeted by Jock McClellan

@shambhalasun: Sharon Salzberg’s “Real Happiness” challenge: What’s it like to meditate for 28 days? shambhalasun.com/sunspace/?p=20…Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Researcher explores how the universe creates reason, morality... "...universe as a complexity machine" m.phys.org/news/2015-01-e… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

10 things you need to know about social and environmental investing gu.com/p/43dp2/stw Ethical funds outperform non-ethical ones

Economic activity needs a moral compass | Saker Nusseibeh gu.com/p/456zg/stw When I invest, I must assume responsibility 4 consequences

The Moral Arc: Excellent new book by Michael Shermer (a kind of sequel to Better Angels). A review here: wapo.st/1yNmVRR Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Staggering stat: Since '79, productivity rose by 65% but pay rose just 8% says @RBReich. bit.ly/15CVleY pic.twitter.com/tWPJ08UPpF Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Pope Francis says humans cause climate change. These Catholic members of Congress disagree. thkpr.gs/3612158 pic.twitter.com/P7I7uewktx Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Richest 10% in US take larger slice of economic pie than in 1913, at peak of the Gilded Age nytimes.com/2014/03/12/bus… pic.twitter.com/uXhCl1HdVT Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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How to Hold an Innovation Contest: Companies like Fluevog Shoes, Local Motors, and Sock It to Me use customer ... bit.ly/1z09Dmv Retweeted by Jock McClellan

R there any comparisons of current volume of sharing of data w that just 2 decades ago? pennystocks.la/internet-in-re…

In Indonesia, 92.4% of Facebook users tap into the social network via phones. In the US that figure is just 79.1% on.wsj.com/1CXtnVC Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Collective Intelligence is a Commons That Needs a Dedicated Language - P2P Foundation p2pfoundation.net/Collective_Int… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Smart Teams have 3 Traits businessinsider.com/3-traits-psych… via @BI_Science More coverage of Wooley,Malone,Chabris,Pentland,Hashmi,Engle,Jing studies

How Do You Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts? Our 12 Best Time-Saving Tools and Strategies snip.ly/zKqB #blogging #smm Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Le danger de la société du Big Data | @scoopit sco.lt/8qZKgT Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Economist names first female editor in 171-year history mashable.com/2015/01/22/eco… via @mashable Women good 4 global #CollectiveIntelligence

"@Jason_Dove: Twitter adds Bing tweet translator 2 mobile on.mash.to/1D0gES0" Help diverse,integrated,global #collectiveintelligence

100% PURE NZ? or 111% DIRTY NZ CO2 1990-2012 Nor -35% EU -21% NZ +111% maps.unfccc.int/di/map/ pic.twitter.com/pMP7J0TnEK pic.twitter.com/KoDaqu7cvk Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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20+ Facts About The Psychology of Social Sharing bit.ly/1DTxFRt #socialmedia #marketing Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Very cool graph showing the top languages on the internet. pic.twitter.com/2ApPXXtyyu Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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China @ WEF:Peace,Reform by pooling our collective wisdom to maximize the convergence of interests among countries fmprc.gov.cn/mfa_eng/zxxx_6…

Liberal theologian Borg dead.Scholarly,skeptical view of Bible life of Jesus columbian.com/news/2015/jan/… CI must overcome resistance 2 new views

Artificial intelligence seems far away because definitions change. sfgate.com/science/articl… Different embodiments of intell require diff paths

Nanorobotic Agent Communication Swarm Intelligence algorithm to move agents 2 target better than random guess.hplusmagazine.com/2015/01/20/nan…

Decision making by democratic vote isn't required or even the best way to make the right choice in biz! ow.ly/HONTl #leaders Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Observations going back to 1880 reveal that our planet's temperature is rising. FULL VIDEO: climate.gov/news-features/… pic.twitter.com/3loNWcLO0B Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Blog Comment Achieved an Internet Miracle - Atlantic Mobile theatlantic.com/politics/archi… Honest revelatory dialog needed 4 collective wisdoming

How Did Life Become Complex, and Could It Happen Beyond Earth? space.com/28308-complex-… Genetic,ecological,chemical antecedents

MT "@FeministPhils: Why few female philosophers? wp.me/p4DYr-8rJ" Young men's need 2 win esoteric arguments

"@jlievens: The commons are making a comeback blog.p2pfoundation.net/the-commons-ar…" Conference wleading thinkers

Self-reflection in everyday life is more pronounced in persons who can easily control their dreams. eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2…

Lucid dreams & metacognition: awareness of thinking - awareness of #dreaming bit.ly/1CKpuTm via @maxplanckpress @EurekAlertAAAS Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Humans activity is prime driver of change in the Earth System according to a set of 24 global indicators, igbp.net/news/pressrele…

Humans Cross Another Danger Line for the Planet blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/2… Less Forrest -》CO2, H2O, sun absorption, climate

Multidecadal increase in the heat content of both the upper and deep ocean regions, fr anthropogenic warming onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ro…

This chart of rising ocean temperatures is terrifying grist.org/news/this-char… via @grist

Video interview w Ezra Klein on ways world getting better. vox.com/2014/3/28/5558… … Most are the result of Collective learning

Online ethnography as a way to collective intelligence: a sneak preview of OpenEthnographer edgeryders.eu/en/open-ethnog… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Lessons learned re: grassroots community projects goo.gl/IaqMy7 from @edgeryders #lote4 #mt2019 cc @WikimaniaEsino Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Providing collective intelligence web tools with feedback from real communities. New collaboration: goo.gl/g5R2eS #CAPSSI Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Evolution fr Integral Mindfulness to Collective Intelligence to Collective Sentience academia.edu/10294958/From_… via @academia

There is no happiness where there is no wisdom. Sophocles Retweeted by Jock McClellan

As the importance of intellectual capital grows, privilege has become increasingly heritable economist.com/news/leaders/2… Limits colltv intellignc

Our cover this week is on America's increasingly inherited meritocracy (e.g.: next prez election): economist.com/news/leaders/2… by @JohnPrideaux Retweeted by Jock McClellan

7.7% of Maryland r millionaires. blogs.wsj.com/economics/2015… R part of gov-industrial oligarchy,w partial view, limiting collective intelligence

Population of age cohorts pewrsr.ch/1BBgNN9 A weakness for collective widsom is that different generations' experience limits vision

Millennial population will peak in 2036 at 81 mil, with new immigrants mixing into that figure pewrsr.ch/1BBgNN9 pic.twitter.com/X9vkh7Quhx Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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New report/data: Technology's Impact on Workers. Surprise headline: Email still rules for jobholders pewrsr.ch/1xoAiJ9 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

SAY NO TO VIOLENCE IN THE NAME OF RELIGION! Stand up for World Interfaith Harmony during 1st week of Feb #WIHW2015 thndr.it/1FH6J9e Retweeted by Jock McClellan

You write fr evolutionary drive 2 communicate stories & preserve knowledge,as did ancient, oral storytellers. zipminis.com/blog-science/e…

Could researchers on Collective Intelligence use matchmaking tools like collaborizm.com to collaborate on projects?

New Collaboration Matchmaking Technology Offers Special Benefits For US Veterans | SYS-CON MEDIA sys-con.com/node/3282067#.… @genleadblog Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Wikipedia more left-leaning than Britannica, about equal when length of articles discounted.Less bias w large # edits hbs.edu/faculty/Public…

Do experts or collective intelligence write with more bias? Wikipedia vs. Encyclopædia Britannica hbs.me/1BMH3Wr Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Now Two Minutes Closer to Doomsday buswk.co/1JnsCXL via @BW Failure of collective wisdom. Nuke danger not felt by most ppl under 60.

Our leaders are failing, and planetary destruction is nigh bloom.bg/1y3SQbl pic.twitter.com/NiLdFjaWLW Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Senate spends Citizens United anniversary debating #KeystoneXL, as oil industry money flows to pipeline supporters. bit.ly/1CCLjEt Retweeted by Jock McClellan

The Sharing Economy And The Future Of Finance tcrn.ch/1Btjjmy via @techcrunch Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Memcomputers: Faster, More Energy-Efficient Devices That Work Like a Human Brain scientificamerican.com/article/memcom…

Investors explain why a price on carbon matters for building a low-carbon future: ow.ly/HAOxz #wef15 ow.ly/i/7QVTV Retweeted by Jock McClellan

New report highlights 15 sustainable business opportunities that find profit in solving global problems #Davos2015 gu.com/p/452pe/stw Retweeted by Jock McClellan

How much could we get done to move society forward if we stopped funding the military? #SOTU pic.twitter.com/HaB7n251aE Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Obama's emphasis on paid sick leave and quality childcare explained: bit.ly/1eh9LVc pic.twitter.com/cecEB3OAD7 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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The Facilitating Collective Intelligence training in Avignon (in English and French) starts next month – lnkd.in/dKKapwJ Retweeted by Jock McClellan

The Psychology of Intelligence Analysis: Drivers of Prediction Accuracy in World Politics apa.org/pubs/journals/… Teams 10% better than indiv

Want to forecast the future? Adopt a learning mindset and work as part of a team - recent findings from a study bit.ly/1ABv20a Retweeted by Jock McClellan

FruitFlies swarm 2 avoid bad odors thru mechanical-sensory interactions nrn3907.html?WT.ec_id=NRN-201502 n2/full/

Our food v my food.Meals shared in childhood associated with adult prosociality dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.appe… Affect collective intelligence?

10 percent increase in $4all school yrs -》 0.27 more yes ed, 7% higher wages;3% lower poverty nber.org/papers/w20847

The Effects of School Spending on Educational and Economic Outcomes: Evidence from School Finance Reforms nber.org/papers/W20847 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Oxfam: Richest 1 percent sees share of global wealth jump sacb.ee/2kol Decreases ability of 99% to add 2 collective intelligence?

MT "@WendySLea: Solve double bind of speaking while female:Up # women in leadership…lnkd.in/bxrG4-G" Affects Collective Intelligence

Top 10 Ways to Increase Engagement in Your Online Community lnkd.in/bYnFwDk Retweeted by Jock McClellan

"@WendySLea: Open network -》 success." it…onforb.es/1CrExSl" Indiviual really just agent of collective intelligence in the netsworks.

"Having an open network is the #1 predictor of success." Fascinating article. Strongly encourage you all to read it…onforb.es/1CrExSl Retweeted by Jock McClellan

"@conradhackett: Newspaper ad revenue, down c 75% fr hi. aei-ideas.org/2014/04/creati… pic.twitter.com/QB4rO7JUcZ" -》New modes of collective learning

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“The wake-up call is that so many of our published findings are not true.” ow.ly/Hyoca [archive] pic.twitter.com/YNV68C9zjh Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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"@pewresearch: America in black & white: A look at public attitudes on #MLK Day pewrsr.ch/1ygcw0o pic.twitter.com/vESJKjOm2r" Need dialog

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Helping the Poor in Education: The Power of a Simple Nudge nyti.ms/1sLlEJN Retweeted by Jock McClellan

@mindandlifeorg: “We Need to Cultivate Wisdom -- Individually and Socially” bit.ly/1DKK5uKRetweeted by Jock McClellan

Ignore the headlines. The world is getting safer all the time. vox.com/2015/1/14/7546… via @dylanmatt Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Solar is adding jobs 10 times faster than the overall economy motherjones.com/environment/20… via @motherjones Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Astrophysicists Prove That Cities On Earth Grow in the Same Way As Galaxies in Space | MIT Technology Review technologyreview.com/view/534251/as… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

The emergence of data science as a new discipline. blog.irvingwb.com/blog/2013/04/d…

Deep Time Thinking saatchikevin.com/deep-time-thin… Collective wisdom varies with scope. Today have potential to grasp deep past. Future?

Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others nyti.ms/1xy37MK 1/15. Good theory of mind;= participation.F2f & online.

Interesting CompuServe ad from 31 years ago! pic.twitter.com/KuqNVPXm8Y Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Haha RT @_tessr Found in a 1995 book of "useless" japanese inventions: the selfie stick. pic.twitter.com/ndAvKAKn80 (via @HaraldDoornbos) Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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8) #Scenarios & the City: Cities as Platforms for Collective Intelligence by Warren Karlenzig @greenflow ln.is/www.youtube.co… #a3r Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Our collective intelligence research team published an op-ed in the @nytimes! Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others nyti.ms/1yt5cPo Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Babies in US more likely to die before 1st birthday than babies in 25 other OECD countries cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr… pic.twitter.com/jNSxWYtBmz Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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More exoplanets likely to have H2O, day-night cycles, conducive to life. kurzweilai.net/planets-outsid…

Rise in global educ can up glbl collective intelligence,up capabilities 4 diverse ppl to share ideas, but may hurt thru loss of cultures

The world is much, much better educated than in the past. Chart 5 of my 100 charts project at bit.ly/1AYHUAi pic.twitter.com/qVwCCW5BOJ Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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A study on coevolutionary dynamics of knowledge diffusion and social network structure ift.tt/1KJxj1E Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Technology and knowledge diffusion rates are artificially suppressed by patents and pay walls on scientific research. Retweeted by Jock McClellan

I think by far the most important bill in our whole code is that for the diffusion of knowledge among the people - 8.13.1786, to Geo. Wythe Retweeted by Jock McClellan

MT2 @MotherJones: Pope:Climate change ttp://t.co/N8xpyBJnNU pic.twitter.com/jOLAnEtkEA" Influence 31% cathol in congress? pewforum.org/2015/01/05/fai…

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MT1 @MotherJones: Pope Climate change is caused by humans bit.ly/1yrjVJ5 pic.twitter.com/jOLAnEtkEA" Will catholics in congress listen?

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"There is no collective moral intelligence living in the 'cloud.'" @ShannonVallor, speaking at SCU (on compassion online) yesterday. #ethics Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Academic Fields That Cherish Sheer Genius Shun Women rightrelevance.com/?q=tab_type=2&… Retweeted by Jock McClellan