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Are you interested in serious inquiry about how to foster a wiser, more collectively intelligent world?  You can use this website to:


Most of the world’s complex problems will be solved better if we improve our understanding of collective intelligence.  So, collaborate with others to create a wiser world by creating a better understanding of collective intelligence (CI).

Mobile Strategy

Tell us what strategies will advance collective intelligence as a field of inquiry. Go to:

  1. Surveys – questions about those strategies
  2. Interviews – schedule appointment with Jock McClellan to discuss the issue
  3. Group forum on the CI field  – post your thoughts about how to nurture  CI as a field of study.


Jock’s Recent Twitter Feeds (@JockMcClellan):

Here’s a radical idea: Climate activists need to engage conservatives grist.org/climate-energy… via @grist Hire coservatives into movement

Tom Atlee on the need 4 transpartisan diversity in climate movement, via dialogs like Citizen Deliberative Councils madmimi.com/p/9bd646?fe=1&…

The crowd will see you now: a bid to gather and tame the internet's collective medical wisdom econ.st/1F5HozL Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Can make aesthetic-related semantic-level judgments. Could do same across domains for collective wisdom twitter.com/Karmacoma/stat…

Charlie=>une conversation,dans un effort de compréhension, parfaite mise en œuvre des principes décrits par Habermas twitter.com/gunthert/statu…

Good variety of interesting topics twitter.com/Karmacoma/stat…

Wonder why stronger confirmation bias in the United States than in Germany. twitter.com/Ognyanova/stat…

The Statistics of Causal Inference: A View from Political Methodology - by @ljk50 in @polanalysis bit.ly/1IQBuWU Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Unit boundary-spanning occurs mainly when knowledge transfer ties have hierarchical interunit work-flow ties. twitter.com/Ognyanova/stat…

Results from a large-scale psych reproducibility test: 61% failed replications. In @NatureNews bit.ly/1AtsLFd pic.twitter.com/KtvGBFY1VO Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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From the #Facebook data team: users prefer friends and news that share their ideology bit.ly/1Ee0zaX #sm #sna pic.twitter.com/2PFuIlsCN1 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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More satisfaction w deliberation under moderate ideological difference than when homogeneous or highly disparate twitter.com/Ognyanova/stat…

Replication materials for new FB study: Ideological alignment of hard news content for top news sites in US dx.doi.org/10.7910/DVN/LD… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Popular ppl keep discussion in safe political territory. twitter.com/Ognyanova/stat…

Responses re many open questions.Making database available.Still avoids ? of FB NewsFeed algorithm affect on divrsty twitter.com/SolomonMg/stat…

RT @crowd_guru: #crowdsourcing climate strategy with the #MIT Center for Collective Intelligence's Climate CoLab: goo.gl/UOis42 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

40 Maps that will help you make sense of the world asheepnomore.net/2013/12/29/40-… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

A plan for a language that will connect ideas with meaningful tags. Would assist growth of collective wisdom twitter.com/davcron/status…

Do human beings have instinct 4 waging war? aeonmagazine.com/living-togethe… via @aeonmag No.Genes adaptated 4 violence.But war is cultural choice

Why Americans believe the US can win wars aeon.co/magazine/socie… via @aeonmag Myth of victory persists. But most wars are internal & unwon

Wholeness essential 4 collectively wise world.Feminism => 'longing for life itself to be honored in all its forms' twitter.com/jhagel/status/…

Huge population,plummeting dependency ratios,+ emerging knowledge tech could spawn young,revolutionary ideas +power twitter.com/jhagel/status/…

How might collectively wiser world give meaning, & mitigate fear of death & conflict tween comforting worldviews? twitter.com/jhagel/status/…

Muchas gracias @jdcastillor por la invitación a colaborar en este gran proyecto #SIGIC #CollectiveIntelligence2015 :) pic.twitter.com/eGsq9xrUbR Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Live streaming of conferences like Collective Intelligence 2015 great 4 non-attenders.How address legal issues. twitter.com/gnavz/status/6…

Model flocks in a steady vortical flow. Character of fluid flow affects shape of flock. journals.aps.org/pre/accepted/f… Faster flow ups filimentary.

New model sheds light on 'flocking' behaviour phy.so/351842311 Ideal sphere altered by turbulence, vortices.

Complexity calls 4 leaders w inclusiveness, engagement & collective learning, ie a growing need 4 women leaders theglobeandmail.com/report-on-busi…

Open conversation vital to success.Male boards often competitive, silenced by chair.Women aid collective intelligence m.ft.com/cms/s/0/1f9112…

Posters at Collective Intelligence 2015 conference 5/31-6/2 Santa Clara California sites.lsa.umich.edu/collectiveinte…

Case for a constitutional convention w input of citizens,re how power organised in territorialised UK. twitter.com/PObean/status/…

Deliberative Democracy Consortium website full of resources deliberative-democracy.net

Frontiers of democracy 2015 conference speakers and activities us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=479e3eae65a…

Frontiers of Democracy 2015 conference, Tufts, Boston,6/25-27. Citizens’ engagement w government, community. activecitizen.tufts.edu/civic-studies/…

Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans. newyorker.com/humor/borowitz…

"The #conversations you have ... are what matter." @jasonlittle on building your own #change method: ln.is/leanchange.org… #leanchange Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Is crowdfunded litigation the future of justice? | Joshua Rozenberg gu.com/p/497tv/stw

From @EvDem FB... "Our conventional way of doing public participation in this country tends to fal... ow.ly/NovEq Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Julia Minson Links to research on group decision. After group judgment external data resisted. Role of questions. scholar.harvard.edu/juliaminson/re…

Discussion> prediction market, especially when polling of facts corrects extreme views. twitter.com/Chen_Kerry/sta…

Third Annual Workshop on Crowdsourcing and Online Behavioral Experiments (COBE 2015) decisionsciencenews.com/2015/03/31/thi… via @dggoldst Retweeted by Jock McClellan

There is growing awareness of the problem. How and when does that translate to pass for reform? twitter.com/Chen_Kerry/sta…

Experts Discuss “Inequality and Polarization” shar.es/1rOUFx via @ColumbiaSIPA Need to change institutional structures and rules.

Krosnick's data: Washington doesn't get that most Americans think climate change is real & they have all along fw.to/eZXNjHW Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Stanford's Krosnick:On climate change, large majority Americans want action,in all states.fw.to/eZXNjHW Congress mismatch due 2 $?

Screening out external factors, can infer causal ones. Important 4 non-experimental phenomena like climate change. twitter.com/Chen_Kerry/sta…

Causal Models 4 Data Science information-management.com/blogs/Causal-M… Tension between prediction and explanation.If can't randomize experiments,filter factors

Spain's indignados will co-rule Barcelona and Madrid after local election success gu.com/p/497b4/stw Model for change elsewhere?

Barcelona,epicentre of change. In the politics of collective intelligence, the populist candidate just won election. internationalviewpoint.org/spip.php?artic…

Barcelona win 4 participatory democracy mayor! Crowdsourced code. collectively designed platform. Scalable. twitter.com/hjarche/status…

How will the film be distributed? twitter.com/mbauwens/statu…

"There is more to tragedy than dying" twitter.com/shossontwits/s… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

What ethical obligations do humans have toward endangered species? Why? twitter.com/RichardMcLella…

'Does the new science of animal emotion change our ethical responsibilities towards animals?' — ideas.aeon.co/viewpoints/bar… via @aeonmag

Nara.me Neuroscientists:Artificial Brain for All wired.com/2015/05/nara-l… Could matchmake/recommend 4 researchers in Collective Intelligence?

Programs might change value goals? Could social-networked Artificial Wisdom (AW) systems check value rebels? twitter.com/WIRED/status/6…

Robo-Human deutero learning:Both will share&learn fr others' learning-algoritms.Will exponentially up earth-wisdom twitter.com/jhagel/status/…

Behavioural Approaches:How Nudges Lead to More Intelligent Policy Design papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cf… Tapping citizen voices in behavioral science

Will collective intelligence increase as more women work? Do economics drive cultural change more than vice versa? twitter.com/aniap1/status/…

Algolia, the Trojan Horse that is eating away at Google's search business.: rudebaguette.com/2015/05/21/alg… via @RudeBaguette

Anaïs Nin on why emotional excess is essential to creativity buff.ly/1GutkVY pic.twitter.com/2WIGhEKEn6 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Think tank leaders from around the world grade international cooperation: on.cfr.org/1JTLXVd #CouncilofCouncils via @CFR_IIGG "C" grades

East Asian Views On Challenges For Global Governance onforb.es/1A3Jxjq via @forbes

East Asian Views On Challenges For Global Governance onforb.es/1A3Jxjq via @forbes Deficits => need for global collective learning

1930s Futurist Otlet Envisioned the Web With a ‘Televised Book’ linking knowledge on cards via phone wired.com/2015/05/1930s-… via @WIRED

Antarctic region shows sudden, surprising ice loss - goo.gl/news/GEwv9 via news.google.com

Prospects for Participatory Democracy in municipal Spanish Elections inthesetimes.com/article/17985/… Online primaries;party platform written together

Les femmes écoutent davantage,sont plus ouvertes aux opinions,sont plus constructives dans leurs critiques.=>CI twitter.com/RHinfo/status/…

La inteligencia colectiva ya puede colaborar en la lucha contra la violencia en el fútbol.Los videos=> disuasión. twitter.com/federicoast/st…

Microgeographic evolution:genes churn in tiny corridors of space&time, transforming species before our eyes. aeon.co/magazine/scien…

Crowdsourced off-road traffic law experiment in Finland:Online idea crowdsourcing & evaluation.Landemore,Aitamurto academia.edu/12405445/Crowd…

Intelligence collective : Le world café , brainstorming qui efface les clivages hiérarchiques par Lucas Jakubowicz journaldunet.com/management/eff… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

How does the Apple Watch fare in the world of recycling? We found out: bit.ly/1Hmj3Hl pic.twitter.com/V2I4TytVSD Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Read The ecology of knowledge ppr.li/r?trail=contri… Review of Mixed Messages, re collisions of genes and culture.Collective Learning both?

Dynamically-Complex Adaptive Systems systemicthinking.com/complex-system… Overview, w link

Complex Adaptive Systems: 8 Cooperation & Competition: youtu.be/bhUUTJpfAJU?a via @YouTube Retweeted by Jock McClellan

RT @jafonsovolei: nice overview on Complex Adaptive Systems: 7 Cellular Automaton #complexity youtu.be/eUcviWn9ACc Retweeted by Jock McClellan

.@neiltyson talks to Richard Dawkins on confronting illogical thinking. #StarTalkTV 11/10c on.natgeo.com/1LePA60 pic.twitter.com/CKeN0NWBHl Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Building Spiritual Capital nyti.ms/1JFKUqV Can there be societal wisdom without a sense of the sacred Whole?

Exclusive: The CIA is shuttering a secretive climate research program motherjones.com/environment/20… via @motherjones

How are the distortions of expectations screened to increase collective intelligence? twitter.com/JustinWolfers/…

New technologies will help collective intelligence. But collective wisdom? twitter.com/wachtfogel/sta…

Good review of great book. Implications for collective learning & wisdom. twitter.com/sinanaral/stat…

Hilarious. Ain't nothin' like a Lil presidential goofing around on #Twitter #askingforafriend pic.twitter.com/kcIkSd5abK Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Do smart places stress and wise places sleep? twitter.com/sinanaral/stat…

#Google Now detected my TV on wifi, "listened" to what was on, then gave me links to the news content being discussed pic.twitter.com/Oexn9mR7eG Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Richard Thaler calls for “economic research... that acknowledges the existence & relevance of Humans.” on.wsj.com/1S6UMxn Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Schedule of presentations at collective intelligence 2015 conference in Santa Clara, CA 5/31-6/2 sites.lsa.umich.edu/collectiveinte…

Wiser, Groupthink and the Common Knowledge Effect » The Collective Intelligence Blog #aggr [...] collectiveintelligenceblog.com/wiser-groupthi… via @TheCIblogger

Towards a Philosophy of the Web – Representation, Enaction, Collective Intelligence | Learning Change ln.is/wordpress.com/… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

A “graduation” from poverty | MIT News newsoffice.mit.edu/2015/anti-pove… Provides productive assets,job training,life-skills coaching,health info

Climate Change Complicates Efforts to End Poverty worldbank.org/en/news/featur…

If people work 40 hours a week, they deserve not to live in dire poverty. #LA #RaisetheWageLA pic.twitter.com/PJwN7PyY4u Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Twitter Media

Children who need the most are concentrated in schools least likely to have the resources to meet those needs. twitter.com/urbaninstitute…

Top teachers-of-year cite anti-poverty programs as No. 1 school reform necessity - survey wpo.st/P9NI0 Ignored by many "reformers"

In a land of dollars: Deep poverty and its consequences brook.gs/1ElvPUs Deeply poor get stuck there over generations.Hard data.

Much of the world is deprived of poverty data. Let’s fix this blogs.worldbank.org/developmenttal… via @wb_research Can't have societal learning wo data

5 ways faith can help tackle poverty wef.ch/1FywCXg via @wef Be responsible,multi-pronged, equifying,messaging,collaborating

The greatest barriers to school success? USA's top educators say: family stress, poverty, & learning/psych problems wpo.st/5vyH0 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Anti-poverty strategy offers sustained benefit for world’s ultra-poor, says new study in Science poverty-action.org/node/8951 Give a man a goat..

The Power of Hope Is Real nyti.ms/1BduIGa A goat gives hope. But institutional disincentives can impede investment in the future.

Taking steps to help combat political polarization in the long run will add to the trust that users have in Facebook brook.gs/1JD2Xhr

The average US household makes about $50,000. When donors can write checks 20X that to super pacs, what happens to equal representation? Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Is there a growing urge for fundamental structural change in the world? twitter.com/MarkFrance62/s…

Links tween publishers&platforms using algorithms could homoginize news we click.Could hurt Collective Intelligence. twitter.com/StKonrath/stat…

Another sign of the decline of professional journalism twitter.com/StKonrath/stat…

Twitter and LinkedIn appear to be the social media channels of choice for chief executive officers (CEO) thedrum.com/news/2015/05/1… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Serious consideration of happiness is critical 4 radical change in society: a thoughtful response to Davies. opendemocracy.net/transformation…

Atlee on robots, jobs, sharing economy madmimi.com/s/a04f36?o=tm via @madmimi w NYT review of Ford's book

Improving media capacity: Media must focus on policy not just politics brook.gs/1EjeHP4 A wise society cannot be built on gossip.

Note that science & justicing R collective endeavors.So we need better understanding of collective intelligence. twitter.com/michaelshermer…

2 new books out today I recommend-Dan Ariely's Irrationally Yours danariely.com/2015/05/19/irr… Jerry Coyne's Faith vs. Fact amazon.com/Faith-Versus-F… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Hope is not a national security strategy. My full statement on House passage of #Iran Nuclear Review Act: 1.usa.gov/1B07Fi0 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

1) #resilience: Why US Companies Fail to Innovate business.time.com/2013/01/24/qa-… va @TIMEBusiness / the biggest obstical to innovation? #nostalgia Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Improving media capacity: Media must focus on policy not just politics brook.gs/1EjeHP4 A wise society cannot be built on gossip.

Hillary, Jeb, Facebook and Disorder nyti.ms/1djmnf1Disrupt… tech & failing states.Will need 2 improve collective adaptation.Can't ignore.

Israel Cancels Project Barring Palestinians From Some Buses nyti.ms/1KjpWzh

My favorite conference on #collectiveintelligence: Collective Intelligence 2015 (Santa Clara, CA) sites.lsa.umich.edu/collectiveinte… #ci2015 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Why kindness is contagious, according to science huff.to/1QY1mES Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Why are so few media stories ones that spread moral elevation? A wiser world could use them. twitter.com/HuffingtonPost…

6 preguntas sobre Inteligencia Colectiva - El Blog de Inteligencia Colectiva bit.ly/1c1Pcew by @arey Retweeted by Jock McClellan

One new player in predictive analytics market: Amazon Web Services launches Machine Learning Service goo.gl/fdc9aO Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Does Artificial Intelligence Pose a Threat? goo.gl/2159Sk via @WSJ @banavar VP of cognitive computing at IBM Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Machine learning will aid developers to let software itself to know what’s happening in the real world datanami.com/2015/05/18/how…

Am Jour of Political Science begins replicating all results before publication. First 15 papers failed bit.ly/1AF26W8 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Facebook filter bubble paper is published #openaccess ensuring that results are available to everyone: sciencemag.org/content/early/… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

About 3/10 ppl get some news via FB,w 3/4 feeds to fit user.How check power? journalism.org/2014/03/26/8-k…

Political discourse of Facebook is reasonably constructive, unless you’re on the far right or far left: slate.com/articles/techn… via @slate

A # of critiques of study of effect of Facebook's algorithm for News Feed scatter.wordpress.com/2015/05/07/fac… Both algorithm and choice part of loops

Exposure 2 diverse news&opinion on Facebook sciencemag.org/content/early/… Should algorithm 'nudge' 2 diversity,4 better collective intelligence?

CF’d 2 FB news feed ranking, ppl’s choices re what 2 consume limited exposure to cross-cutting content more. sciencemag.org/content/early/…

Facebook Study Disputes Theory of Political Polarization Among Users nyti.ms/1IlyFyK cc @tysukarna @ssssmit Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Facebook filter bubble paper also includes release of replication materials into a public archive: dataverse.harvard.edu/dataset.xhtml?… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Half the Dutch population works part time. It's also one of the world's happiest countries econ.st/1PIVUDk pic.twitter.com/MEqZKWtmlW Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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#RT From #code_ant: RT DavidVALLAT: Human Capital Report 2015 | scoopit sco.lt/5aE4xt Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Dès aujourd'hui, Facebook va héberger des articles du New York Times et d’autres médias buff.ly/1Hgmp3P pic.twitter.com/TJ9shcuKh2 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Twitter Media

Keynote by Regina Dugan, Vice-President of @Google Advanced Technology and Projects, and former director of @DARPA sites.lsa.umich.edu/collectiveinte… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Discover our Collective Intelligence magazine featuring our global program promoting responsible business maza.rs/MYNii #ForGood Retweeted by Jock McClellan

On Building A Smarter Team. Thomas Malone on Collective Intelligence bit.ly/1PuEgZj Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Any crosscultural study of links to social well being measure by WEF?Scandanavia? twitter.com/AliceProverbio…

The 16 most socially advanced countries in world wef.ch/1FqxtJP via @wef measurIng well-being advances global collective wisdom

Yale Journal examines advances in complex adaptive systems and industria... bit.ly/1G0vlbY via @YaleFES @EurekAlertAAAS

‘Wild Card’ Element of Global Resilience Challenge Now Open globalresiliencepartnership.org/blog/2015/05/1… via @grp_resilience

5 libertarian rules about war in an age of terrorism and nuclear weapons web.utk.edu/~jhardwig/expe… pull back fr permanent policing of world

Collective Intelligence 2015 is an awesome conference (in Santa Clara this year). You should attend. sites.lsa.umich.edu/collectiveinte… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Ethics of expertise web.utk.edu/~jhardwig/expe… suggest maxims for professionals, consumers and societies. Important 4 collective intelligence.

Collective Intelligence is around the corner! sites.lsa.umich.edu/collectiveinte… Also, 1 day registration is available: sites.lsa.umich.edu/collectiveinte… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

"Government operating systems and government as collective intelligence" shar.es/1rt1v5 via @nesta_uk Retweeted by Jock McClellan

SLS Students Embrace ‘Collective Intelligence,’ Will Deliver First-Ever ‘WikiSpeech’ at Graduation: stanford.io/1KL08sK @Martabelcher Retweeted by Jock McClellan

.@StanfordLaw's Class of 2015 will embrace collaboration to deliver the school's first-ever graduation "WikiSpeech": stanford.io/1IE2SJq Retweeted by Jock McClellan

The Stark Inequality of U.S. Public Schools, Mapped citylab.com/housing/2015/0… Immoral.Wastes resource.Need fund via national,state taxes.

Google's New Self-Driving Car Is About to Hit the Streets citylab.com/tech/2015/05/g… each car adds info 2 collective brain of autonomous fleet

26/03/2015 - Formation-expérimentation à l`Intelligence collective : comment co-construire une vision commune ... bit.ly/1FBcq6Z Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Conférence : Encouraging Collective Intelligence for the Common Good, 2015-06-28 bit.ly/18WScrq #innovationsociale #BiensCommuns Retweeted by Jock McClellan

2015 Robert Steele: Applied Collective Intelligence - Can Evolutionary Cybernetics Leverage Distribu… phibetaiota.net/2015/03/2015-r… via @phibiblog Retweeted by Jock McClellan

The Future of the Workplace: #Leadership, Collective Intelligence + Meaning, TEDxHKSalon 2015, May 5 tedxhongkong.org/single-event/t… #hongkong Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Collective Intelligence 2015 | May 31 – June 2, 2015 @ the Marriott Santa Clara in Santa Clara, CA buff.ly/1G83LW8 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

vision-2021.fr/vision.php L'intelligence collective en construction - 3ème congrès le 28 mai 2015 #airfund Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Université d'été – Atelier sur l'intelligence collective le 9 juillet 2015 arismore.fr/blog/universit… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

pbernardon's insight: Bonjour à toutes et à tous, Réservez dès à présent votre agenda pour lundi 18 Mai 2015 et po… ift.tt/1FeVsNA Retweeted by Jock McClellan

When a general says that his leadership is more akin to gardening than chess it’s worth paying attention- @Starbucks CEO in @WSJBookReviews Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Sea level rise is happening faster than anyone thought thkpr.gs/3657633 pic.twitter.com/mmgQRNPVJ0 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Twitter Media

MOOC 4.0: huffingtonpost.com/otto-scharmer/… Moves from improving individual and collective intelligences to improving individual and collective wisdoms

MOOC 4.0: The Next Revolution in Learning and Leadership - goo.gl/news/IkgtQ via news.google.com Groups.Mindful co-presencing

Yale Journal examines advances in complex adaptive systems and sustainable industria... bit.ly/1G0vlbY via @YaleFES @EurekAlertAAAS

Team of poker pros slightly out-earned artificially intelligent Claudico in Texas Hold'em natureworldreport.com/2015/05/suck-i… CMU team keeps improving

Emotional Aperature Measure could be used in study of collective intelligence knowledge.insead.edu/strategy/leade… / Try it @ jeffreysanchezburks.com/blog/emotional…

MT1 Leaders Reading Collective Emotions R More Effective | INSEAD Knowledge knowledge.insead.edu/strategy/leade… via @INSEADKnowledge 2 second impressions

General McChrystal:Why adaptability trumps hierarchy fastcompany.com/3045477/work-s… via @FastCompany Team of teams => higher collective intelligence

Agents follow behavioural rules maximizing their entropy over all paths through the future, predicting group behav e-collection.library.ethz.ch/eserv/eth:4765…

Join this Zurich event: Social Preference Theory and Mechanism Design;Collective Intelligence coss.ethz.ch/education/cont… pic.twitter.com/fKkMoG88ca Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Like bees,weight vote by intensity of preferences, 4 more accurate #collectiveintelligence. m.law.uchicago.edu/faculty/resear… twitter.com/landemore/stat…

Firm-state cf more useful as view of role of firm more inclusive.Could foster societal wisdom, not just firm IQ. twitter.com/landemore/stat…

CI2015 coming up with Scott E. Page as organizer and Jeff Howe as plenary speaker. Gotta be terrific. sites.lsa.umich.edu/collectiveinte… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Collective Intelligence 2015 looks like another great program! Register at sites.lsa.umich.edu/collectiveinte… @ScottPage4 @ladamic Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Everything we know about the death of Osama Bin Laden is wrong salon.com/2015/05/11/eve… via @Salon Hard to know the truth

60% of voters want to change our broken voting system pic.twitter.com/rmUqCszLOz Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Twitter Media

Powerful #Crowdfunding Tools to Build a Crowd & to Reach Media Outlets - dld.bz/dCJtV Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Revolutions come in waves and cycles.Inevitable w inequality, $ Crises and enviroruption @ChrisLynnHedges m.truthdig.com/avbooth/item/a…

Crowdsourcing 4 Democracy: New Era in Policy-Making academia.edu/7176425/Crowds… Good survey.Examples.#collectiveintelligence, better decision

Ignored dangers of next election:voting restrictions,redistricting,loose rules on large amounts of money nybooks.com/articles/archi…

Futurist: 'I will reap benefits of radical life extension' via @AJAM alj.am/1ISUqXj Discusses gerontocracy, retirement support.

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