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Are you interested in serious inquiry about how to foster a wiser, more collectively intelligent world?  You can use this website to:


Most of the world’s complex problems will be solved better if we improve our understanding of collective intelligence.  So, collaborate with others to create a wiser world by creating a better understanding of collective intelligence (CI).

Mobile Strategy

Tell us what strategies will advance collective intelligence as a field of inquiry. Go to:

  1. Surveys – questions about those strategies
  2. Interviews – schedule appointment with Jock McClellan to discuss the issue
  3. Group forum on the CI field  – post your thoughts about how to nurture  CI as a field of study.


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When Machines Can Do Most Jobs—Passion, Creativity, and Reinvention Rule - Singularity HUB singularityhub.com/2015/07/27/whe… (+, collective learning)

Behavioral insights help GB up tax payments,reduce mobile theft,lower smoking,up buying of energy-efficient products twitter.com/HarvardBIG/sta…

World Population Grows Exponentially with Increased Energy Use scienceworldreport.com/articles/28200… But ratio of energy 2 popul decreasing in last decades

Myths Behind Scandinavia's 'Socialist' Utopia wp.me/p4JGPA-m via @wordpressdotcom Argues that Nordics r capitalist in policies

Bertrand Moingeon talks with Sarder TV about his book Organizational Learning & Competitive... benzinga.com/z/5703386 via @benzinga

KW30 | swarm intelligence could make electricity grids more secure - SolarServer solarserver.de/solar-magazin/… via @Solarserver

Prize 4 Canterbury student’s drone innovation scoop.co.nz/stories/ED1507… via @scoopnz Multi-disciplinary,wireless,computer vision,AI,networking

Innovation For The Future Of Work, Pt. 1: Employee Innovation forbes.com/sites/jacobmor… Toyota,Whirpool,Adobe profit fr suggestions

Edward Wilson a calculé 100.000 religions différentes depuis les débuts de l'humanité. Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Google improves its performance faster than Moore's Law. it has to. bit.ly/1Qo5UEf Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Google Will Do Anything 2 Beat Moore's Law theplatform.net/2015/04/29/goo… via @platformnet Add improvements in energy,software, configuration to Law

There is a close relationship between GDP and an understanding of the theory of evolution – with one exception. pic.twitter.com/2R7eOJx8lm Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Elsevier journal editors 'may be asked to resign' in open access row timeshighereducation.co.uk/news/elsevier-… via @timeshighered Retweeted by Jock McClellan

World's Largest Swarm of Miniature Robot Submarines bit.ly/1Owh5Jn via @IEEESpectrum Collective Cognitive Robot Project.

Mother Robots Build physical Children Robots to Experiment With Artificial Evolution bit.ly/1LNDfJk via @IEEESpectrum Reality test

Human Swarming & future of Collective Intelligence singularityweblog.com/human-swarming… via @singularityblog Unum software lets crowd decide realtime

Everday Dmeocracy has resources for public dialogues on ways to build trust tween police an communities everyday-democracy.org/news/strategie…

Race, interconnectedness, and co-intelligence tomatleeblog.com/archives/17532… Tom Atlee on YES mag articles, w ref to Everyday Democracy re policing

Poverty's most insidious damage is 2 a child's brain.Irregular development explains c 1/5 acheivement gap.Remediable m.sciencedaily.com/4.0/article/44…

Is Earth’s Life Unique in the Universe? scientificamerican.com/article/is-ear… Life may exist in certain fertile zones between order and chaos

Watch This Swarm of Simple Robots Do Surprisingly Complex Things - Singularity HUB singularityhub.com/2015/07/24/wat…

A ‘Third Way’ to Fight Climate Change nyti.ms/1JA8ly1Capture CO2 and sequester, Long term.

Do we trust journalism less if it’s on the internet – and does that matter? By @Anoosh_C newstatesman.com/politics/2015/… pic.twitter.com/zXUaVEvsCK Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Medicare is popular, efficient, and effective, and supported for all by Bernie Sanders twitter.com/Libertea2012/s…

"@OccupyWallStNYC: American Jews overwhelmingly SUPPORT Iran deal, despite assault by #Netanyahu & #AIPAC ow.ly/Q2pxw" 53% v 35

NASA estimates 1 billion 'Earths' in our galaxy alone wpo.st/oLsR0 But don't trash our current home.

Beautiful animations of orbiting planets.Make realities assimilable. twitter.com/NYTScience/sta…

How will humans adapt worldviews?How do you?Fear?Awe?Oneness with universe-life/separation?Connect/hide?Retrench? twitter.com/HuffPostUKTech…

Earth-like planet orbiting Sun-like star found:NASA pressly.it/R2cF via @ExtremeTech Older than earth,w more time 4 life 2 evolve

Earth 2.0: Bad News for God - huffingtonpost.com/jeff-schweitze… Life elsewhere will bring new integations,not just Biblical contotions.

BRICS bank will build fairer global governance ecns.cn/business/2015/… Help dev countries w sustainable infrastructures

Study explores the collective intelligence of online communities adigaskell.org/2015/07/09/stu… via @adigaskell

Arrow of time sciencenews.org/article/arrow-… Simple simulation suggests eternal universe w time flowing in 2 directions fr point of minimal entropy

Birds learn what danger sounds like sciencenews.org/blog/wild-thin… Fairy-wrens learned 2 associate previously unfamiliar alarm calls with danger

Search for E.T. gets financial boost sciencenews.org/article/search… $100m Breakthrough Listen 2 develop software,monitor radar & laser fr 1K stars

Four charts that show the opportunity gap isn’t going away brook.gs/1IkueVo Race gap not going away w economic/social trends.

Societal learning is moving from the phase based on abstract data toone motivated by palpable experience. twitter.com/ClimateChangRR…

Markov model: a moderate lvl of social interactions => higher collective intelligence of group as a whole arxiv.org/abs/1507.02139

Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT): worldwide catalog of human societal-scale behavior & beliefs twitter.com/analyticbridge… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Almost a noosphere reflecting on itself.Huge potential for increasing globsl collective intelligence. twitter.com/jlmcardle01/st…

Can now track everything from depression and mood disorders to crowd behavior. Big data new tool 4 social science twitter.com/Harvard/status…

Boing patents a jet engine powered by lasers and nuclear explosions.Might be usable in space. kurzweilai.net/a-jet-engine-p…

Humans have used up about half the sun's energy stored in carbon biomass and are depleting it rapidly kurzweilai.net/continued-dest…

How can sales of children's books be analyzed to indicate social stasis vs change?

Uncle Tom's Cabin => outbreak of civil war by personalizing the political and economic arguments about slavery. harrietbeecherstowecenter.org/utc/impact.sht…

Reading Harry Potter improves attitudes toward stigmatized groups (immigrants, homosexuals, refugees) onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ja…

Read story re counterstereotypical Muslim woman,=> less categorical stereotyping tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.108…

Literary fiction, cf 2 nonfiction/popular fiction,ups reader's performance on theory of mind tasks m.sciencemag.org/content/342/61… Impt 4 collctv IQ

#weneeddiversebooks Minorities under represented in children's literature although r majority of US children now. mnn.com/lifestyle/arts…

Humans are the storytelling animal. More convinced by an emotional tales then by dry facts. m.fastcompany.com/1680581/why-st… => collective learning

What role do children's books play in cultural change? Consolidate world views of parents/grandparents? Prepare way for new?

Letters: ‘Revolutionary Roads’ nyti.ms/1J39rXf Reax 2 Packer review of Murray & Hedges calls 4 revolution

‘By the People’ and ‘Wages of Rebellion’ nyti.ms/1GUT3pa Revolutionaries of left(rebel vs corporate oligarchy) & right(disobey regs)

25 Years After Another Gulf War newyorker.com/news/daily-com… via @newyorker Maybe Obama & State learned fr costs of 1st war better 2 use diplomacy

70 Years Since the First A-Bomb, Humanity Still Lives in Its Afterglow scientificamerican.com/article/70-yea… [Most ppl oblivious of dangers & new weapons]

Philosophical discussions boost pupils' maths and literacy progress, study finds gu.com/p/4agn8/stw More engagement in thinking.

Canadian experience shows benefits of deliberative democracy democraticaudit.com/?p=14635 Needs different views,impartial expertise, independence

Need societal systems 4 metacognition w synthesis & modification, mimicking process of cultural transmission twitter.com/technoshaman/s…

Money in Politics: New data + analysis to support country-level learning + action. globalintegrity.org/posts/money-po… @MPTransparency #MPTransparency Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Why is it so hard to recognize limits?What will aid Americans learning changing power facts? twitter.com/fmanjoo/status…

How does collective intelligence emerge? Read our new report, which takes a detailed look @TheMissingMaps bit.ly/1eYO9Om #OpenSource Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Better assumptions,flexibility allow see possible outcomes for various cmplx scenarios,aid collective decision twitter.com/sfiscience/sta…

BREAKING: Iran, world powers agree to historic nuclear deal huff.to/1TzqhQt Retweeted by Jock McClellan

"Just because the opposition can't kill this deal doesn't mean it won't try", says @Cirincione #IranDeal #NuclearTalks #Vienna #Congress Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Is this correct? What portion of globe's sanctions are by US alone? twitter.com/AJEnglish/stat…

World powers have reached a landmark nuclear deal with Iran. read.bi/1GiEaJv pic.twitter.com/NdiaDPUork Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Make no mistake, Obama achieved this despite DC conventional wisdom on Iran. He deserves extra credit precisely cause he didn't listen to it Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Iran is the first country subject to chapter 7 sanctions to exit through diplomacy rather than war Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Global import.Averts war.Comprises,win-win.Builds new partnership.None like before this.Diplomacy can bring peace. twitter.com/tparsi/status/…

#BREAKING: New UN security council resolution on Iran to be in force for 10 years -- report #IranDeal Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Our most-read article right now - Iran agrees breakthrough nuclear deal on.ft.com/1O9clK1 pic.twitter.com/6oizSCavrd Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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We have a deal! Thank you to Secretary Kerry and his team for all your hard work. May there be peace on earth. #nowiamgoingbacktobed Retweeted by Jock McClellan

USA - happy Iran - happy Netanyahu - Furious argle bargle Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Just now, Iran and @iaeaorg agree to accelerate cooperation with aim to fully resolve all prior issues. #IranTalks pic.twitter.com/MjtKsfCvsO Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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McChrystal: team of teams washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jul/… share information, power decentralized decision making

Listen Up and Tune in the Evolution of Culture. Change within our environment cause our cultures to evolve statecollege.com/news/columns/l…

A Smart Way 4 Philanthropy Ideas to Spread: Change Social Norms shar.es/1s3yvl via @Philanthropy When ideas inspire, they spread

Swarm intelligence could cut commute by 25% via @FortuneMagazine for.tn/1TxvUPi SureTrac' lights adapt locally,talk 2 neighbors

Will Hillary Clinton Continue Education Reform? nymag.com/daily/intellig… via @intelligencer Likely to continue with vaque language

Hillary Clinton Offers Her Vision of a ‘Fairness Economy’ to Close the Income Gap nyti.ms/1Hr3KQy Details? Where's the beef?

Lessons from Chattanooga: 1) Use good process 2) Think about systems 3) Combine digital and in-person 4) Make it fun! ow.ly/Pz8S8 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Michael Roberts blog: nice job juxtaposing my perspective (stratification economics) against Loury, Bowles and Sethi essentiallyeconomics.com/?tag=glenn-c-l… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Be curious,self-assessing,available. twitter.com/MyEmpathetics/…

'Let every sluice of knowledge be opened and set a-flowing' policy-network.net/pno_detail.asp… @policynetwork 43 randomly selected Melburnians =》policy

A bridge between government and citizens policy-network.net/pno_detail.asp… @policynetwork Flanders’ citizens’ cabinet f2f & oline legit rep democracy

"When Woman Is Boss: Nikola Tesla on Gender Equality and How Technology Will Unleash Women’s True Potential" brainpickings.org/2015/07/10/nik… #women Retweeted by Jock McClellan

DecisionSim wants to boost MD communication with acquisitionMedCity News medcitynews.com/2015/07/decisi… App will let docs learn anywhere anytime.

Citizens juries:ancient idea 4 modern world afr.com/opinion/citize… via @FinancialReview randomly selected upper house w power 2 approve

Perks of living in space... #OutOfThisWorld views of stars, auroras, #Earth glow, city lights and lightning. pic.twitter.com/LITgHCRRo8 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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The Role of Swarm Intelligence for Distributed Lethality C2 cimsec.org/role-swarm-int… via @CIMSEC paths represent collective behavior 4 control

China's dual identities str.sg/EvF China likely 2 aid peaceful global order.World is now wiser & stakes r higher

Empathy Actually a Choice nyti.ms/1ULgad0 Varies w costs, training, power. Wise society would nurture empathy and match with reason.

Study explores the collective intelligence of online communities adigaskell.org/2015/07/09/stu… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Study explores the collective intelligence of online communities | The Horizons Tracker flip.it/KzxYO Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Dutch city of Utrecht to experiment with a universal, unconditional income shrd.by/3N0pGB Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Important endeavor,well parsed. twitter.com/wwjimd/status/…

Dans l'entreprise, fini l'autoritarisme, bonjour l'intelligence collective ! twitter.com/FmFrancoise/st…

Yuval Noah Harari: The age of the cyborg has begun – and the consequences can not be known shrd.by/pYc3W9 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Tag photos for db yielding patterns by which herd finds resources. twitter.com/ComplexExplore…

Rodents lead the way - the collective intelligence of rats is just a step away from the Borg for humans bit.ly/1M25X92 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Collective intelligence gets more collective: Monkey 'brain net' raises prospect of human brain-to-brain connection gu.com/p/4aghg/stw Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Study explores the collective intelligence of online communities goo.gl/aNzO5m via @adigaskell Retweeted by Jock McClellan

neurally connected “swarms” of rats with collective intelligence theguardian.com/science/2015/j… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

To analyze herd as sensory array/ distributed computer,tag as few or many fotos as u wish. twitter.com/sfiscience/sta…

Tom Malone of MIT.Design patterns which make organisations more intelligent. 1.5 hrs. Q&A twitter.com/MITSloan/statu…

When Algorithms Discriminate nyti.ms/1MixCzR Online interactions shown to perpetuate bias.

Smartphones not so smart for learning? kurzweilai.net/smartphone-not… Distracted fr requisite classroom learning.

Crowdsourcing neurofeedback data kurzweilai.net/crowdsourcing-… Collective fb learning can have an effect on the brain almost immediately

Neuroscientists create organic-computing ‘Brainet’ network of rodent and primate brains — humans next kurzweilai.net/neuroscientist… Can outdo indiv

Big Oil’s decades of deception: Report reveals that Exxon’s known truth about climate science since 1981 salon.com/2015/07/08/big… via @Salon

Hillary joins chorus vs BDS: On Israel, she aligns herself with the right, and people like Sheldon Adelson salon.com/2015/07/08/hil… via @Salon

Building Better Organizations with Collective Intelligence - Home via @claudeemond sco.lt/8Arijp pic.twitter.com/CM54FWXxMU Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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This looks interesting: Conference on collective intelligence methods in humanities + soc sci research hssa.berkeley.edu/crowdsourcing-… #crowdsourcing Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Rosa Strube reports back on The Future of Collective Intelligence World Café #CAPS2015 #Brusselsinstagram.com/p/435lL3KueR/ Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Among these collective intelligence projects is @nesta_uk work on Health Knowledge Commons nesta.org.uk/news/creating-… #nestaopengov Retweeted by Jock McClellan

@steiny asks the collective intelligence panel why are we creating new projects instead of partnering? #nestaopengov Retweeted by Jock McClellan

#artshub2015 Panel discussion on how art and artists affect cultural change in communities @ArtsHub2015 conference. pic.twitter.com/WJpHGGzLeN Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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'Nudge' introduced to APS through the 18-month design.gov.au initiative. At least Tax and Human Services use it #psinnovate15 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Honesty is essential for both individual and collective wisdom. How can this be elevated as a norm? twitter.com/richardbliss/s…

Customer complaints are the best way to change your organization. They are reality checks and cross silos forbes.com/sites/theoprie…

Ready to adapt? First 5 months of 2015, the hottest on earth, on record. Planet 0.71C above long-term ave., @NASA. pic.twitter.com/7KUW6AwUAA Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Has #trust in national #government increased or decreased since 2007? Compare your country bit.ly/1HJppH1 pic.twitter.com/Jrde6JUUuK Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Founding Father James Madison warned of the day when wealth would become too concentrated. medium.com/basic-income/i… pic.twitter.com/4gZBPgpOSR Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Billionaires to the Barricades, vs inequality nyti.ms/1LJ8PXp For justice, stability,and sustainability.

Engage Nova Scotia engagenovascotia.ca/our-work is discouraging a collaborative culture twitter.com/Trent_Warner/s…

Mice develop middle ear fr lower jaw,chicks fr upper. =>independent evolutionary paths converging on similar forms twitter.com/Gurdur/status/…

The mass extinction event that killed the dinosaurs gave rise to the modern ‘Age of Fishes’ flip.it/PwuO4 pic.twitter.com/7BMnrrTege Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Example of single celled organisms and animals evolving convergently on similar solutions for detecting environment. twitter.com/DeepStuff/stat…

About 100X fewer faint-far galaxies than previuosly estimated. twitter.com/DeepStuff/stat…

Claim:Evolution follows different paths 2 converge on similar solutions 4 adapting 2 similar environment.Many earths twitter.com/DeepStuff/stat…

How the Internet's Collective Human Intelligence Could Outsmart AI goo.gl/BIeXJy via @rightrelevance thanks @plevy Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Intelligent Organizations 4Dx (online) - MIT Sloan Executive Education: executive.mit.edu/openenrollment… Oct-Nov.Immersive.How to develop CI organiz

What are downsides of loose hierarchies in the workplace? Find out from Thomas Malone @MITSloan goo.gl/YJwjKZ #futureworkproject Retweeted by Jock McClellan

The Most Intelligent Groups Aren’t Just a Bunch of Smart People mitsloanexperts.mit.edu/the-most-intel… by Thomas Malone of @MITSloan Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Why women make teams smarter. An interview with @MIT Professor Thomas Malone. #smallbusiness #startups j.mp/1C51cTE Retweeted by Jock McClellan

@amyburvall See also Thomas Malone's work at MIT Sloan Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Register for a Complimentary Live Webinar with Tom Malone: Building Better Organizations with Collective Intelligence mitsln.co/P0cEs Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Excellent review of lit re how indiv cognition affects CI.So:De-bias.ID experts.Pool info.Processes probalistic. twitter.com/gfbertini/stat…

Our Universities promote inequality nybooks.com/articles/archi… via @nybooks Unjust.Waste of 'human capital'Limits US collective intelligence

How does this square with prior studies showing low-income hurts happiness? Comparative wealth and happiness? twitter.com/psysci_co_uk/s…

Literalist fundamentalism,divisive politics,poor sc education r factors =>misunderstanding m.livescience.com/963-lags-world… twitter.com/Jelel_Ezzine/s…

How will culture adapt if lives are extended? Will long experience beget collective wisdom, or inhibit innovation? twitter.com/CellSpring/sta…

In Praise of Slime Molds:The extraordinary capabilities of the blob theamericanscholar.org/in-praise-of-s…

Slime Mold 'Biocomputer' Maps Ancient Roman Roads news.discovery.com/tech/biotechno… Example of collective intelligence

Logic units built using living slime molds, which might act as the building blocks for computing devices and sensors. info.uwe.ac.uk/news/UWENews/n…

Stress common goals. Share both project + personal information. Communicate regularly.[Use collective intelligence] twitter.com/Collaborizm/st…

Netanyahu falsely equates Isis and Iran in a cartoon aimed at Americans. twitter.com/thenation/stat…

In Wisconsin, biggest rally of the election campaign by far is underway, and it's for some guy named @BernieSanders pic.twitter.com/DQuYL8zSoz Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Twitter Media

Climate Changes: Weather Whiplash and a Smarter Media scienceblogs.com/gregladen/2015… via @Scienceblogs About half of articles are fact-checked

Adults with more science knowledge more likely to believe in safety of GM foods pewrsr.ch/1C9Ijo8 pic.twitter.com/d1JSHdiDs3 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Homo economicus view failing.Nordic model,w greater prosociality and equality,fits cultural evolution,=>well being twitter.com/goonth/status/…

David Sloan Wilson and David Queller discuss inclusive fitness vs. group selection soundcloud.com/this-view-of-l… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

David Sloan Wilson tells the BBC that the evolution of altruism in humans is “solved”: it’s group selection… wp.me/ppUXF-Awh Retweeted by Jock McClellan

RT @NCSE: To understand what we’re doing to the planet, you need to understand this gigantic... washingtonpost.com/news/energy-en… via @twttimes

Why Cultural Change Competencies are the Critical Success Factor for Tomorrow’s Organizations lnkd.in/ex96HGp Retweeted by Jock McClellan

The Beginner’s Guide to Google’s Knowledge Graph neilpatel.com/2015/06/30/the… via @neilpatel Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Voting systems get different info.Which maximizes pic of electorate?Voting approve/disapprove 4 each yields OK gov twitter.com/ElectionScienc…

Will inter-nation institutions arise fr elites,grassroots,both?Role of socialnetworks in preparing "Global Spring"? twitter.com/KristinEberhar…

US students say China #freespeech repression not SO bad, only bans "large-scale political change or vague ideals” foreignpolicy.com/2015/06/15/ame… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

.@leewetherington "Large scale change requires convergence of 3 things, technology, demographics & economics" pic.twitter.com/joJm3Legcm Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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The Way Humans Get Electricity Is About to Change Forever bloom.bg/1LyHd57 via @business Solar. Natural gas a while. Efficiency.

Wheatley.Nets of ppl sharing vision,connecting w kindred spirits=>converge 2 system of influence=>lrg scale change. twitter.com/hemppah/status…

Leadership and Large-Scale Change: What’s Working and How Do We Know By Claire Reinelt leadershiplearning.org/blog/deborah-m… via @LeadershipEra

Envision better future.Distribute engagement and power to lots.Iterative design.Change mindsets.Keep up ldr energy. twitter.com/ThinkSpeakThin…

Machine ethics:Robot’s dilemma nature.com/news/machine-e… Human coded rules only?Or ones robot makes?Collectively wise society needs resolve.

Theory:Chaos is coarse damping in “time."Complexity is coarse damping in “Structure," toward uniformity. linkedin.com/pulse/what-com…

Centrality Measures, Upper Bound, and Influence Maximization in Large Scale Directed Social Networks researchgate.net/publication/26… Diffusion Degre

Identifying influential nodes in complex networks with community structure file:///C:/Users/Jock%20admin/Downloads/entropy-17-02228.pdf

Influence maximization in complex networks through optimal percolation go.nature.com/V2tGZo Weakly connected nodes r optimal influencers

What forms of societal learning would make loving kindness the norm?Experiences?99% toward 1%? Metta meditations? twitter.com/brainpicker/st…

Ultrafast 3-D Printing Tech Could Challenge Established Manufacturing Methods technologyreview.com/news/538906/co… >@TechReview

Funniness Detection in the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest: reflecting collective wisdom of participants outperforms semantic outliers.

God of the Underworld: 'Hades' centipede species discovered living 1,100m below the ground ibt.uk/A006KSp via @IBTimesUK #centipede

Organizational Change: The New 10 Commandments osca.co/2015/06/organi… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Collective Intelligence performs better when diversity is combined with.: 1) A common goal, 2) A common language buff.ly/1KlKcz0 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Dr Chan: More than 7 million deaths every year are attributable to #airpollution goo.gl/OhzCos pic.twitter.com/upp1mJw4a0 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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If comets provided water 4 Earth's oceans, did something similar occur on other planets? twitter.com/OximityScience…

Long-term Success Requires Re-examining our Models of How Things Work thelundreport.org/content/long-t… Model Health Care as complex adaptive system

I Know What You Think: Collective Intelligence in Online Communication - blogs.plos.org/everyone/2015/… Good Theories of Mind =>collective intell

Risk of Extreme Weather From Climate Change to Rise Over Next Century, Report Says nyti.ms/1H9X8ZM

How to endow groups with #collectiveintelligence?Natural systems have evolved this ability. bit.ly/1Cnw69M pic.twitter.com/rYCLepjrit Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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'The Bag of Lemons' a new paper on #CollectiveIntelligence by @markklein1960 (@MIT & @ETH_en), CATALYST partner. buff.ly/1BLXbZz Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Get all info 2 all group membrs.Heed “peripheral” membrs w unusual info/logic,esp lo status ppl.Safeguard reputatatn twitter.com/TheCIblogger/s…

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