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Are you interested in serious inquiry about how to foster a wiser, more collectively intelligent world?  You can use this website to:


Most of the world’s complex problems will be solved better if we improve our understanding of collective intelligence.  So, collaborate with others to create a wiser world by creating a better understanding of collective intelligence (CI).

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Tell us what strategies will advance collective intelligence as a field of inquiry. Go to:

  1. Surveys – questions about those strategies
  2. Interviews – schedule appointment with Jock McClellan to discuss the issue
  3. Group forum on the CI field  – post your thoughts about how to nurture  CI as a field of study.


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Collective Intelligence performs better when diversity is combined with.: 1) A common goal, 2) A common language buff.ly/1KlKcz0 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Dr Chan: More than 7 million deaths every year are attributable to #airpollution goo.gl/OhzCos pic.twitter.com/upp1mJw4a0 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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If comets provided water 4 Earth's oceans, did something similar occur on other planets? twitter.com/OximityScience…

Long-term Success Requires Re-examining our Models of How Things Work thelundreport.org/content/long-t… Model Health Care as complex adaptive system

I Know What You Think: Collective Intelligence in Online Communication - blogs.plos.org/everyone/2015/… Good Theories of Mind =>collective intell

Risk of Extreme Weather From Climate Change to Rise Over Next Century, Report Says nyti.ms/1H9X8ZM

How to endow groups with #collectiveintelligence?Natural systems have evolved this ability. bit.ly/1Cnw69M pic.twitter.com/rYCLepjrit Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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'The Bag of Lemons' a new paper on #CollectiveIntelligence by @markklein1960 (@MIT & @ETH_en), CATALYST partner. buff.ly/1BLXbZz Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Get all info 2 all group membrs.Heed “peripheral” membrs w unusual info/logic,esp lo status ppl.Safeguard reputatatn twitter.com/TheCIblogger/s…

Can this be done in US and other countries? twitter.com/grist/status/6…

How 2 encourage collective action on climate change wef.ch/1BkXqKX via @wef Vs tragedy of commons,goals Cap&Trade;rights 2 pub goods

Economics: Making it profitable to protect nature: edf.org/oHG via @EnvDefenseFund Cap&trade worked for acid rain.Could it 4 CO2?

War Cost globe $14.3 Trillion In 2014. about 13 percent of GDP reverbpress.com/news/internati… ost-14-3-trillion-2014-gop-think-thats-not-enough/

Calm,compassion,constructive approach maintain relations 4 collective learning. twitter.com/HarvardBiz/sta…

Any tool to make group processes visible can help reflective collective learning. twitter.com/DavePollard/st…

Relay this ratio to fast food workers if you buy a burger. twitter.com/AmyMTraub/stat…

When some talk about "reverse racism" against whites, I wonder what they mean bit.ly/1rG0hGG pic.twitter.com/rNDgjpGa7C Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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HUGE. Legal Review of #Iraq #War begun in light of #Nuremberg ruling on "aggressive wars." truth-out.org/news/item/3136… #loveistherevolution Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Hootsuite Launches Social Suggestion App For iOS & Web by @martinbeck mklnd.com/1fwCpmC Retweeted by Jock McClellan

How Scott Walker Dismantled Wisconsin's Environmental Legacy scientificamerican.com/article/how-sc… Silencing talk re Climech limits collective intelligence

Trickle down economics is wrong, says IMF qz.com/429487 via @qz larger income of wealthiest => decrease in GDP growth.

Good sign when group inluencing swarm intelligence swarm agree on a common direction twitter.com/agorarsc/statu…

Concentration of power limits the diversity needed for collective intelligence twitter.com/Libertea2012/s…

Does this portend weak concern re climate change,weakened Papal influence,or difficulty of understanding? twitter.com/EI_Climate/sta…

"A Dangerous Master: How to Keep Technology from Slipping Beyond Our Control" businessinsider.com/an-insightful-… Take precautions 4 ea danger

Sanders surge is becoming a bigger problem for Clinton thehill.com/homenews/campa…

Reducing #inequality = investing in people & improving their skills: @A_Gurria reut.rs/1BK8Ylv at #OECDwk pic.twitter.com/K1Vedx4dqh Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Wealth is even more concentrated at top than income, top 10% controlling half of wealth oe.cd/init2015 chp1&6 pic.twitter.com/Bzko5DQzDp Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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"Low income pple prevented fr realising their human capital potential, which is bad for the economy as a whole" twitter.com/OECD_Social/st…

When you've nothing to lose, you're free to speak truth. twitter.com/NadiaGarnier/s…

Collective learning is quickened when celebrities say what we are all thinking better then we can twitter.com/Kiss951WNKS/st…

Increasing poor's income ups GDP more than same 4 rich.[& may up chance to participate in knowledge economy] twitter.com/NinjaEconomics…

Gun-related homicides are down in America, but mass killings are up #charlestonshooting buff.ly/1GSB7Nb pic.twitter.com/r6UgTkbDrp Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Unemployment erodes "social capital: the network of relationships of trust, dependability, and respect for rules" twitter.com/NinjaEconomics…

For societal learning, find the profit potential of a product/service that helps unlock the societal problem twitter.com/singularityhub…

7 billion can now access one another's intelligence,+ the remembered collective intelligence of the prior 93 billion twitter.com/MaxCRoser/stat…

One species, one race, with minor adaptations to skin etc to fit environments. twitter.com/MaxCRoser/stat…

As % population w more years experience increases, so will potential for growing global collective wisdom twitter.com/MaxCRoser/stat…

Educated connected young,esp fr developing world will up revolutionary creativity of earth collective intelligence twitter.com/MaxCRoser/stat…

Limits the human capital of 90%, constraining participation in collective intelligence and societal learning twitter.com/MaxCRoser/stat…

Collective Intelligence: The power of smarter, quicker team thinking cmo.com.au/blog/business-…

Robert Reich: Elites are waging war on public education salon.com/2015/06/18/rob… via @Salon

Scientists Back Pope Francis on Global Warming on.wsj.com/1GuRYnK via @WSJ

Real prob w/an inability to aggregate collective wisdom is that it means edu has few ways to get better as a field edtru.st/1MWInbA Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Human-caused global warming - 97% consensus of scientists/peer-reviewed scientific literature iopscience.iop.org/1748-9326/8/2/… sciencemag.org/content/306/57… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Please urge your Senator to block HR 1806. It gives political influence on funded disciplines and cuts to clim change nsf.gov/about/congress… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Pope’s Views on Climate Change Add Pressure to Catholic Candidates nyti.ms/1dJp2OK

What does “Global Warming” mean? scienceblogs.com/gregladen/2015… via @Scienceblogs OceanHeat Content, Global Mean Surface Temp & other measures

#1 priority.Goal:0 emiss by 2050.Cap emissions.R&D.Job corps.Financing.Retrofit fed bldgs. martinomalley.com/the-latest/a-j… twitter.com/climatebrad/st…

The power of Pope Francis in facing climate change brook.gs/1Brjbse

We have some bad news for you about the pope's big climate push motherjones.com/environment/20… via @motherjones

Sanders and Francis share values not held by most Repub prez candidates.'Conserve' what: $ or earth? twitter.com/SenSanders/sta…

Conservative media's reactions 2 Pope's encyclical mediamatters.org/research/2015/… Collective intelligence & learning hurt by ad hominems,diversions

Why the #Pentagon's war budget is here to stay: #Congress has too many reasons to keep #OCO funding as it is defenseone.com/ideas/2015/06/… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

10 key excerpts from Pope Francis's encyclical on the environment wpo.st/HN4M0

Population collapse of c 90% 4 migratory Bunting from illegal trapping in China onlinelibrary.wiley.com/resolve/doi?DO…

The Power of Asking Pivotal Questions | MIT Sloan Management Review ln.is/sloanreview.mi… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Text of Pope's encyclical on climate change, in English. documentcloud.org/documents/2105… other languages at nytimes.com/live/updates-o…

Google DeepMind Teaches Artificial Intelligence Machines to Read technologyreview.com/view/538616/go… @techreview Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Sea level is rising at a rate of 3.20 mm per year and increasing. It's time to #ActOnClimate. 1.usa.gov/1z5mbES pic.twitter.com/zOQHJH2Xox Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Have you read "War: what is it good for"? amazon.com/gp/aw/d/125006… twitter.com/HilmiAdi/statu…

Why the Pope Is Blaming Climate Change on Humans theatlantic.com/international/…

Pope’s Views on Climate Change Add Pressure to Catholic Candidates nyti.ms/1dJp2OK

Americans Are Again Getting More Worried About the Climate nyti.ms/1ekqJ66

Patton leaves a more interdisciplinary Duke | The Chronicle dukechronicle.com/articles/2015/… What promotes effective interdisciplinary research?

Social Insect Distributed Brainpower on.natgeo.com/1Smyc30 via @ngphenomenainsects Sociality 4 insects w small brains;mammals need large

The Real Censors of China nyti.ms/1IiilLR Culture of politeness and social loyalty.Limit cognitive diversity,collective intelligence?

Globalization ups opportunities 4 multilingualism=>understanding of others' perspectives=> Collective Intelligence twitter.com/WordUnited/sta…

A conversation with bilingual children's author Delia Berlin (Family Fridays) wp.me/p56kX1-E1 via @wordpressdotcom

Need motivation to teach kids Spanish? How Bilingualism Benefits Your Career @lbconnect buff.ly/1IDOIad Retweeted by Jock McClellan

The Contagious Yawn nytimes.com/video/science/… via @nytvideo Mammals may have evolved w empathy & socialbonding needed 4 collective intelligence

Like humans, wolves can’t resist contagious yawn po.st/cqNFuZ via @SmithsonianMag Linked w empathy&have evolutionary value

Co-chair Gus Speth in @NaomiAKlein's @thischanges: "climate change is deeply rooted in our political-economic system" theleap.thischangeseverything.org/systemic-probl… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

The great Gus Speth on the climate crisis and @TheNextSystem project, helping to launch our new blog THE LEAP: bit.ly/1JwNPBR Retweeted by Jock McClellan

MT @TheNextSystem: Can we grow our way out of economic inequality forever & still have a livable planet? youtube.com/watch?v=NhPWM7… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

As mayor, @SenSanders pushed nonprofit community ownership of land, mainstreaming radical tools for city governance politico.com/story/2015/05/… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Next System signer @RBReich notes that in the 1970s 3% of retiring legislators became lobbyists; today, 42-50% do. robertreich.org/post/120960773… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

#ChangeEverything "Creating an Economy for the Common Good" from #ChristianFelber launching today in London twitter.com/DiegoIsabel1/s… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

JustPaxFund.org is looking for econ, environ & gender justice projects to help fund. @TheNextSystem @NEF @Shareable @marciamarcia Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Engage: Systemic Problems Require Systemic Solutions: Time to Talk About the Next System theleap.thischangeseverything.org/systemic-probl… pic.twitter.com/aFBtmhxKlX Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Next System signatory @JeffDSachs describes the economic system undergirding the Trans-Pacific Partnership: pic.twitter.com/MSRXghWASe Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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There r political-economic system models delivering better social,econ,ecological outcomes thenextsystem.org Time 4 collective learning

Ted Glick: Why Climate Activists Should Support Bernie Sanders ecowatch.com/2015/06/15/ted… via @ecowatch

EC Invests €1.95m to Create Blockchain Powered Public Participation Tool newsbtc.com/2015/06/15/ec-… via @ D-CENT software

Human online Swarms Unleash Collective Intelligence, predicting Oscars twice as well as individuals govoc.us/AACv43 via @PRWeb

"@newsfactor: Ancient DNA Sheds Light on Language,Culture Evolution newsfactor.com/story.xhtml?st…" Language spread as ppl moved,not via ideaspread

In net of collective intelligence researchers,who scouts diversity and who connects ideas to central goals? twitter.com/MarketingCory/…

Will combination of short tweets & long DMs increase Collective Intelligence capacity? twitter.com/MarketingCory/…

We're calling on media outlets to significantly increase coverage of #MoneyInPolitics mm4a.org/1eRl8nO #CampaignFinanceReform Retweeted by Jock McClellan

"@natpriorities: US gov paid $444B to fed contractors in 2014. C. 40% of discretionary budget nationalpriorities.org/blog/2015/06/1…" Security ROI?

Amt of jobs created per $1B in fed investment. via @natpriorities twitter.com/natpriorities/…

# jobs created/$1B in fed investment. via @natpriorities twitter.com/natpriorities/… Fewer jobs for military $ than energy health or education

Where do human perceptions of system level dynamics fit in the loop? Ethical evaluations? Civil rights movmt as e.g. twitter.com/dvespinosa/sta…

Using the Wisdom of Educators - goo.gl/alerts/1cFP #GoogleAlerts Pool isolated educators' knowledge 2 advance the field

6/8/55. Berners-lee has done more for Global collective intelligence than almost anyone, perhaps even Gutenberg twitter.com/HighTechPanda/…

As always contains useful articles twitter.com/luiy/status/60…

L’intelligence collective, cette étonnante capacité du vivant. reseauinternational.net/lintelligence-… via @reseau_internat Survey of types CI and limits

A wise society will find ways to provide meaningful work. twitter.com/DNABARCODE/sta…

De los MOOC a los MOOR sco.lt/6GCLEf via @scoopit massive open online research

The Internet of Psychology brings AI consultation to the masses – next generation Turing test? wp.me/p568AX-ZU Retweeted by Jock McClellan

6/12 is last day to register for the frontiers of democracy workshop in Boston 6 25-27.Many topics,speakers. activecitizen.tufts.edu/civic-studies/…

A manifesto:Use human tech power 2 => good antropocene:Decouple conserving nature fr upping human properity ecomodernism.org

Machine Vision Algorithm Chooses the Most Creative Paintings in History | MIT Tech Review buff.ly/1JMryA0 pic.twitter.com/fuRpXArjWa Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Participatory Co-Intelligence Institute emerging | Communications from an Evolutionary Edge tomatleeblog.com/archives/17532… Atlee:CommunityOfPratice

Why has it taken so long for society at large to recognize the greenhouse effect? twitter.com/dr_camila_bass…

Collective learning about climate change benefits from diversity of views. twitter.com/m_m_campbell/s…

Using the Wisdom of Educators huffingtonpost.com/Karin-Chenowet… via @HuffPostEdu Roll up micro-expertises of indiv educators 2 collective wisdom

Our Maximum Entropy tutorial now available!! @SimonDeDeo gives wonderfully clear explanation. Pre-req: Calculus. complexityexplorer.org/online-courses… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

"As a result [of increasing uncertainty], some organisations are evolving toward complex adaptive systems where the…lnkd.in/eS3akkt Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Anatomy of a network, by @davegray plus.google.com/+DaveGray/post… Para mí, lo más vital: 'brokerage' y 'betweenness' pic.twitter.com/aRj3o7RXOF Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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Housing an important part of income inequality. twitter.com/mirzazbaig/sta…

Trust is the glue needed to hold together large global networks. twitter.com/edmondb1/statu…

Stanford Big Data Study Links Common Heartburn Drugs w Heart Attack Risk ww2.kqed.org/stateofhealth/… Exmpl of big data => collective intelligence

We want to hear from you! What do you think cities of the future will look like? More of the same or big changes ahead? #Envision2050 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Envision 2050: The Future of Oceans. 7 stewards of the sea share their hopes (& hows) for world’s oceans @ensiamedia ourworld.unu.edu/en/envision-20… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Envision 2050:7 pundits on future of Earth's oceans ensia.com/features/envis… via @ensiamedia How move pundit knowledge 2 policy-makers?

Christopher Chabris: The Invisible Gorilla: The I…: youtu.be/49ccdcYI73w Research on collective intelligence. Good video.

Christopher Chabris: The Invisible Gorilla: The I…: youtu.be/49ccdcYI73w Good video on research on collective

Navy's New Drone 'Cannon' Launches Swarms of Tiny…: youtu.be/EY_VIM1hY5w

CoCoRo swarm of underwater robots: youtu.be/XUk-qLfiwlc Good video.2 retreive plane's black box using collective intelligence algorithms

Mini underwater #robots act like a school of fish while sharing knowledge #CoCoRo goo.gl/aZOg1j Retweeted by Jock McClellan

3D printed CoCoRo underwater mini-robots use collective cognition to perform tasks 3ders.org/articles/20150… #3dprinting pic.twitter.com/VehnIonHQn Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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3D printed CoCoRo underwater mini-robots use collective cognition to perform tasks #tech #invention ht.ly/2ZyRWd Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Watch 41 underwater drones swarm fusion.net/story/37975/wa… via @thisisfusion CoCoRo is building on biological algorithms to evolve new ones

Book Review: Smart Swarm – Using Animal Behaviour to Change our World | Transition Consciousness ow.ly/CmzoW Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Competitive sport puts off schoolchildren - survey ow.ly/waTAt Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Admiring Alex Peatland's great work work on collective intelligence and connected intelligence; terrific stuff. web.media.mit.edu/~sandy/ Retweeted by Jock McClellan

MIT CoLab - using the collective intelligence of crowds to source climate intelligent innovation bostonglobe.com/business/2015/… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

the c factor, from the MIT Center for Measuring Collective Intelligence ow.ly/C5lIR Retweeted by Jock McClellan

MIT professor Thomas Malone discusses why women can increase a group's collective intelligence.#leadership strat.bz/qtYHMkK Retweeted by Jock McClellan

G7 leaders agree to phase out fossil fuel use by end of century gu.com/p/49tgx/stw Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Can a Random Group of People On the Internet Interview a Candidate Better Than the Pros? shrd.by/pTLMmr Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Here's what it would take for the US to run on 100% renewable energy shrd.by/ah3gbh Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Anthropology Blogs 2015 | Anthropology Report-Los mejores blogs de antropologia- anthropologyreport.com/anthropology-b… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

MIT professor Thomas Malone discusses why #women can increase a group’s collective intelligence strat.bz/qP3PFZf Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Twitter is making your conversations easier to follow mashable.com/2015/06/09/twi… via @mashable Will help focus collective intelligence on topics

Somene plz compute same for CO2 deaths. twitter.com/mktsociale/sta…

Indiv psych barriers 2 societal learning re ClimeCh.Need collective action re here/now,see earth life as sacred. twitter.com/mbauwens/statu…

America's Advanced Industries: What They Are, Where They Are, and Why They Matter | Brookings Institution brook.gs/1Ml2QpI

The hottest 15 metros for advanced industries brook.gs/1KZaBEo Clusters' diverse network of knowledge foster collective intelligence

Why Information Grows: New book by @cesifoti, head of @MacroMIT, released today! ow.ly/NKh2M pic.twitter.com/1PEABh6m89 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Twitter Media

If incentive prize for societal planning works 4 small island, what for the globe? twitter.com/MarthaMilne1/s…

Incentive prizes often work 2 jump start societal collective learning.Prize size affect participation in this 1? twitter.com/scienceovernew…

HeroX Challenge:Build cognitive system 2 read a document& load a database with what it finds.$200K prize. herox.com/CognitiveCompu…

Extraordinary, thought-provoking visualization of WW II casualties in context. Thanks, @neilhalloran. twitter.com/neilhalloran/s… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Collective intelligence needs verifiability in claims.Without,trust declines. twitter.com/zittrain/statu…

Human-AI collective intelligence.Birders IP data,AI sees patterns.May aid knowledge of another intelligent species. twitter.com/steveashleyplu…

Information Creates the Universe shar.es/12YgUV via @sharethis Dembski, Hidalgo, Kuhn

Review: Why Information Grows by César Hidalgo from @matthewcford1- I want all my Oxbridge students to take an inter-disciplinary approach Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Barcelona mayor-elect Ada Colau calls 4 more feminised democracy gu.com/p/49hm9/stw Social perceptiveness => collective intelligence

How can an advanced nation not invest in an independent, national body to advance learning and teaching quality? twitter.com/SAlexander_UTS… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Computer Solved100-Year-Old Biology Problem popularmechanics.com/science/a15886… via @PopMech May help investigate previously too complex puzzles

Computer Solved Problem too hard for humans alone. popularmechanics.com/science/a15886… via @PopMech Scientists pooled data,created language.Replicable

Computer created best fit model of flatworm regeneration. Hugely useful if computers can posit hypotheses and test. twitter.com/sbuckshum/stat…

Experience in collaborating well capacitates kids to increase thier collectives' intelligence as adults twitter.com/Bob1467/status…

Nuclear weapons: US: 4,760 Russia: 4,300 UK: 215 France: 300 China: 260 Israel: 80 India: 110 Pak: 120 NK: 10 Iran: 0 on.cfr.org/1I1DAWC Retweeted by Jock McClellan

CI good where diversities mix socially 2 better see realites, create solutions twitter.com/Allmyalibis/st…

Tools like this help de-Babel, &foster global collective intelligence twitter.com/SpeakyEnglish/…

Edward Snowden: The World Says No to Surveillance nyti.ms/1Ineu5r

Trading Uncertainty 4 Collective Wisdom lumenogic.com/www/static/pdf… Accurate since bets lure diverse contrarians;risk&reward=>objective thinking

Hypermind : l'innovation de la prédiction. Avec @emiless2012. pic.twitter.com/o6ZII78toO Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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When flowers share a root zone, they have to get along. rodalesorganiclife.com/garden/plant-w… via @OrganicLifeMag Beautiful gardener

What emerges from networked communities is new,basis 4 societal learning, higher than CI as mere problem solving twitter.com/A_Green_Mrs/st…

Ray Kurzweil,humans hybrids by 2030 kurzweilai.net/cnn-ray-kurzwe… Regardless of specifics,"collective" intelligence will be increasingly Collective

Emulating animals, these robots can recover from damage in two minutes: Jean-Baptiste Mouret | Robots that can... bit.ly/1BFhous Retweeted by Jock McClellan

‘Brainprints’ could replace passwords: The way your brain responds to certain words could be used to replace p... bit.ly/1RL0O5N Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Is anyone assessing the epistemological benefits of the Collective Intelligence approach in Barcelona? twitter.com/landemore/stat…

@sbuckshum I'm not convinced that 'get the right answer' is actually #CollectiveIntelligence Retweeted by Jock McClellan

From the East to the West: the Evolution of Yoga: yogatraveltree.com/article/from-e… @yogatraveltree Loss of the spiritual purposes of original yoga

Has anyone studied diffusion of mindfulness? Probably helping collective wisdom.Lead to spiritual bliss eventually? twitter.com/dvespinosa/sta…

Is global collective intelligence in danger when 1 company controls our time and information? twitter.com/vi_k/status/57…

Societal learning stalled when government owned by status quo twitter.com/vi_k/status/60…

30% chance (of China hard landing, <5%) not really a black swan, a surprise twitter.com/vi_k/status/57…

World population: 1 @facebook 2 China 3 India 4 Tencent 5 @WhatsApp 6 United States 7 @LinkedIn 8 @instagram 9 @twitter 10 @Snapchat #F8 Retweeted by Jock McClellan

Video.Pentland lecture on social physics youtube.com/watch?v=Uxhq2L… Reward social network, not individual. Exploration vs exploitation predicts

Summary of Sandy Pentland's SFI Lecture on social physics' use of wearable sensors 2 detect patterns complexityexplorer.org/news/18-ties-t…

Societal learning depends on the kind of independence and public trust exemplified by the Guardian.Beware losing it twitter.com/arusbridger/st…

Grande conférence en français sur l'intelligence collective @plevy ln.is/www.youtube.co… Retweeted by Jock McClellan

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